The design of bathrooms lately seems to be heading in two different directions, with a set of homeowners who want a spa room that is inspired, stylish and refined that is truly contemporary and another group that embraces the beauty of imperfect texture and elegance. Brick walls definitely fall into the latter category, because they bring a touch of rudeness, sufficient contrast and some rough edges that are welcomed in modern interiors.

Brick wall bathroom design ideas

Exposed brick brings rustic texture, color, and vibration to interior spaces. The display, which is usually achieved by removing plaster from the wall to reveal the underlying masonry, offers an artsy and affordable solution to revitalize empty walls.

There are many different ways you can use brick walls in bathrooms, and while some might prefer to surround themselves with these newly discovered treasures in their renovated attics, others might prefer small accent features that add visual variation to Settings. Regardless of which approach you like.

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