The best garden fence ideas can bring structure, texture, definition, and excitement to your outer space. After a long winter, it’s very nice to get out into the garden again. But if you enjoy the best space, some work will be involved, whether it’s replacing or maintaining a garden fence, weeding and cutting, or redesigning some of the key features to give your garden a completely new look.

Modern Fence Garden Design Source: urbanbeatdesign com
Modern Fence Garden Design – Source:

The steel Corten that is allowed to rust into natural chocolate is a popular choice for contemporary homes. This traditional fence shows how suitable it is for a challenging desert climate that is unfriendly with wooden fences due to low humidity and strong winds. To add height and interest, a wooden topper is added that allows a little to see what’s outside.

If you are going to build a privacy fence, prepare before that – sketch your garden. Highlight the fence and the presence of trends in the field. It is also important to determine the height of the fence. Low fences limit the park but do not provide enough privacy. Optimal is the height between 1.5 meters and 2 meters – but is closely related to the specificity of the field. There are many choices available on the market – wood fences look natural, but need regular brushes. metal fences are more sturdy than wooden fences, but the price is much more expensive and there is a risk of rust.

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