15 Awesome Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas

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15 Awesome Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas – There are many ways to feel back to the old days when you were little. Starting from opening the photo sheet to applying the old times’ atmosphere in your modern home. The vintage style is synonymous with memories of the past, flowers, and shabby items. Interested in applying vintage style at home, especially the living room?

The vintage living room is usually dominated by green, white, pink, and orange. But, that does not mean you have to use all four colors in one room. You can choose just one color that dominates. If you want to combine vintage and modern styles, you should choose the dominance of white. If you want to look more feminine, choose pink. But, if you want a more calm and natural atmosphere, green and orange colors can be the right choice.

Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas
Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas

The living room also usually has a coffee table to put guest drinks. For a vintage living room, use a coffee table made from wood whose paint is slightly peeling to make it look ‘shabby’ but still beautiful. This vintage style coffee table can be in the form of a 4 leg table or a used wooden crate like the picture above.

In addition, the vintage style is also identical to some typical vintage cabinets which usually have slightly peeling paint. Part of the cupboard is made of wood, some are made of glass. Want to use a small or large glass cabinet, here, you can be creative to determine the cabinet or cabinet that you like.

Vintage style is often identified with everything that looks old, shabby and classic. But the assumption is not entirely correct. Because actually vintage is not always about old decoration. At present, many new furniture and various ornaments have been sold which are intentionally made in vintage style. So you can easily find it in stores near your home.

The Following Are Awesome Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas

Vintage Living Room Ideas
Vintage Living Room Ideas – Source: goodsgn.com
Vintage Living Room Decoration
Vintage Living Room Decoration – Source: postroika.biz
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Fabulous Vintage Home Decor – Source: decorits.com
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Awesome Vintage Living Room Ideas
Awesome Vintage Living Room Ideas – Source: equutrails.com

For those of you who are big fans of vintage style, there’s no harm in displaying this style as a dish in the living room. With mid century furniture and interior ornaments arranged in such a way, the atmosphere of the living room will look to have a distinctive and unique look. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.

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