6 Wonderful Mountain Minimalist Home Design Idea You Must See

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Not only in urban areas, currently minimalist home designs are carried by many people in the countryside and even in the mountains. Home design that tends to be simple but can give a modern and attractive impression is the reason why many people are interested in this one model. Meanwhile, to be able to find a minimalist home design in the mountains. Minimalist home design is currently becoming a large selection of home models that are currently much sought after. This simple model of building a house but with an elegant feel seems to be the reason many people long for a building with the same concept.

At present, it is not only people living in urban areas who are interested in being able to create buildings with this one concept. However, it seems that many rural communities are longing to have the same house model. Even today many people who live in the highlands like mountains crave to have a house with a minimalist design. Below we have presented some minimalist home designs located in the mountains. Now for those of you who are looking for inspiration about a minimalist home in the mountains, you can see some of the following pictures.

Here’s Wonderful Mountain Minimalist Home Design Idea You Must See:

Amazing Mountain Minimalist Home
From this angle, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that unfolds and feels complete with the presence of a very charming house. The road to the house that slightly uphill makes this minimalist house more attractive and beautiful.


Awesome Mountain Minimalist Home
Although it is located in the mountains, this minimalist house is no less luxurious than a house in an urban setting. The presence of lights and stone arrangements that made the way to make this house look beautiful and also comfortable.


Best Mountain Minimalist Home
White is a neutral color and is suitable when combined with any color. Like the minimalist mountain house ideas above, the green grass and white colors of the house add a beautiful and cool impression to this minimalist mountainous house.


Cool Mountain Minimalist Home
The beauty in mountain terrain is beyond doubt. Plus the presence of a minimalist home like the one above will add natural beauty. So that when gathering is not too cold, you can give a small fireplace in front of your minimalist home.


Cozy Mountain Minimalist Home
This minimalist house idea is not a beautiful house, this house looks luxurious and elegant. If you want to make a minimalist two-story house in the mountains, you can mimic the design as above. The presence of a small pool beside the house, adds to the beauty of your minimalist home.


Fabulous Mountain Minimalist Home
In addition to this minimalist house has a unique shape, and a pretty wide yard, this house looks more attractive and beautiful. The cool design makes this house attract the attention of those who see it.


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